Past The Sun


CD Digifile (DV72) - DARK VINYL

There are a lot of known variables to the members of the GITANE DEMONE QUARTET :
- The precision-punk chording of RIKK AGNEW (Adolescents / Christian Death / Social Distortion).
- The dexterous textured and sophisticated keyboard work of PAUL ROESSLER (The Screamers / 45 Grave / Nina Hagen Band).
- The nimble and persuasive percussion electronics of DEB VENOM (Aunty Trust).
- And the fore, the voice like no other, the darkly compelling and poetic wailing of GITANE DEMONE (Christian Death / The Crystelles).

Together they generate a unique sound seeming with vitality and rich in imagination thar far outstrips the sum of its parts.
Flirting with the most aggressive and surreal elements of each of their past projects, the GITANE DEMONE QUARTET stirs a violent cauldron that splashes out far beyond parameters of any genre expected of them.
They haunt, they rock, they love.

Gitane DeMone (Christian Death, The Crystelles) / Rikk Agnew (Social Distortion, Adolescents, Christian Death)
Paul Roessler (The Screamers, 45Grave, Nina Hagen Band) / Deb Venom (Aunty Trust)

Track List:
1. Man-Made God
2. Past The Sun
3. Circle ov Air
4. Standard Upright
5. Lorca
6. Eva Braun
7. Honest Cum
8. Ghostrider (Bonus Track)

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