Patina Pooling


CD in special folding Steel-Sleeve (av052cd) - ALT.VINYL

NB: the weight of one CD plus metal-packaging is about 300 Gr (more or less the weight for 3 standard CD's).

The wintry conditions in the uplands of north east England have provided the ideal environment for the corrosive weathering of 0.9 mm sheet steel. Random and beautiful rust patination has been forming on several hundred folded plates that will become the outer sleeves for the compact disc re-release of Patina Pooling.
Until now the album, originally released by alt.vinyl 13 months ago, has only been available as a limited run double vinyl LP, similarly packaged in rusting metal.
Patina Pooling developed from an extended collaboration between Zoviet France and Fossil Aerosol Mining Project.
More than a remix / exchange project, it has been a real collaboration resulting in an album of exploratory call and response, a mesmeric hybrid of our shared fascination with the residual, both real and metaphorical.
The CD re-release replicates the original LP packaging, includes all of the recordings featured on it and weighs noticeably less than the 2kg of its vinyl counterpart.

Get the fourth component from the project, only available as a free download from SoundCloud here:

1 Ice Falls
2 Rye And Riband Mimicry
3 By The Spring
4 Mill Scale
5 Slipping Disc: The Third Spline
6 Kinesic Remnant 1987
7 Kinesic Response
8 Slipping Disc: The First Spline
9 Enrobbed En Illio
10 Lyra Reflected
11 Replikammer
12 Tri Siqnan
13 Put Out In Silence
14 Lyra Locked
15 Angle Of Incidence
16 One Hundred Tundra (K7 Damage)
17 Lyra Turned
18 Fire In The Snow
19 Harps Head Road
20 Kinesic Response 1971
21 Whistledown Tunder

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