Pedantic/ Pessimistic


CD Digipak (AM 001) - SKUGGSIDAN

Limited Edition 300 copies

Pedantic/Pessimistic was initially released as 20 lathe cuts in 1998 by Peter King Records.
The album was mastered from original chrome cassette tape, original recordings from 1998.
The first ordered copies was shipped by "Skuggsidan" (the releasing label) on 23/2/23 at the same time as mlehst (UK) is performing on stage in London for the first time in over 15 years.
Mlehst are dealing in the UK Noise scene since the very first ages and were collaborating through the years with many Industrial noise makers such as Smell & Quim / Macronympha / The Rita / Prurient...

Released on "Analogue Masters", a "Skuggsidian" sub-label.

1   Pedantic
2   Pessimistic

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