Perennial Disappointment



Since 2011, Concrete Mascara have been sharpening their skills across various formats and releases, pushing the envelope of intensity and extremity as they quickly ascended the ranks of American power electronic acts.
Perennial Disappointment marks their Malignant debut and their second full length disc following 2014's Blossoms of Shame on France's Corrosive Arts Records.
The sheer violence of this recording is astounding, and it stands as one of the most unnerving and visceral releases ever under the Malignant banner.
From the dystopic atmosphere of "Flesh of This World" and post mortem ambience of "Mouth of Flies, Tongue of Maggots", to the traumatizing and unmitigated physicality of "Utopian Nightmare", "Defined by Absence" or "Delusion of Sacrifice", Perennial Disappointment is rife with urgency and tension, where caustic, distortion filled frequencies meet slashing, blown out noise, hyper-rhythmic pulsations, and venomous, dueling vocals.
Collectively, it's a perfectly engineered and concise declaration of arrival that should be a revelation for those that consider the genre to be stagnant or one dimensional.

1 The Flesh Of This World 2:15
2 Area Trinity 5:31
3 Utopian Nightmare 5:16
4 Delusion Of Sacrifice 5:23
5 Mouth Of Flies, Tongue Of Maggots 4:42
6 Snake Skin Stilettos 5:30
7 Defined By Absence 5:36
8 Death Trigger Impulse 6:05

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