PHASE II (Changes)

CD Digipack (Ahnstern 29) - AHNSTERN / STEINKLANG

It has been a little over thirty years since the inception and all-too-brief life span of Phase II, the progressive-folk band founded by Mark Andrews (Blue Grass) and Nicholas Tesluk (Changes).
Since that time, only the five selections on their self-titled, blue vinyl, extended-play record (and a handful of songs featured in recent anthology appearances) have
found an audience outside of the venues where the group performed live during their original three-year tenure, that is about to change!

As the pièce de résistance of Phase II’s artistic career to date, the band’s new album Afterglow has arrived, introducing modern listeners to their unique and timeless mixture of varied musical stylings.
Included in this expansive release are six songs from their original repertoire – in some cases, songs only rehearsed, but never before performed in any venue – all recorded here for the very first time.
As a special reprise, all of the songs from the blue vinyl record (now long out-of-print) have been enhanced and included on the Afterglow album.
And to bring things full-circle, Phase II is also proud to present a recording of its first all-new song of the twenty-first century on this compact disc.

Whether during their “folk duo” period, or as a full progressive band, the original warmth of the music of Phase II was felt all-too-briefly and by all-too-few.
Afterglow is a comprehensive retrospective of their original songs.
Now that Nicholas and Mark have reunited in this “Digital Age”, may it also provide a launch pad for exciting new works to come.
Phase II Afterglow - Thirty-two years in the making ... and not a moment too soon!

Tracklist :
That's Alright
Sweet Lady Fair
Introture / Goddess of Dreams
Fly Away
I Lost the Song
Just For You
Candle in the Night (24 min. radio program)

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