Physical Practice Of Personal Use Of Emptiness Or Sensible Games [Практика Использования Пустоты В Личных Целях Или Разумные Игры]


CD Digibook (None) - COD NOIZES

Available in February 2020

New album by thoose Russian industrial and psychedelic avat-garde legends.
SDB started in the beginning of the 90es offering old-school industrial noise with a psychedelic touch.
On this new album the project turned to a more experimental electronic sound mixed with analog drones and ambient waves, spiritual shamanic tribal percussion and ancient authentic folk song of Pomor region from the desert shores of the White Sea.
Guest vocals recorded by Alexey Sheptunov leader of the famous Russian neofolk project MOON FAR AWAY.

1 Волшебный Cтартап 4:08
2 Соколы 8:31
3 Свадебная Терского берега 6:39
4 Назад В Сансару! 6:40
5 Отдала Меня Маменька 4:29
6 Жито Жала 6:46
7 Пасхальное Яйцо Судьбы 6:59
8 Откровение 6:21
9 Окиян Море 8:07
10 Цвели Цветики 4:56

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