This is PiL


CD + DVD Digibook (PiL002CDX) - PIL OFFICIAL

This is PiL is the ninth studio album by Public Image Ltd, or tenth including Commercial Zone.
Their first studio album in 20 years, it was released on 28 May 2012 on band's own label, PiL Official.
What we offer is the limited deluxe edition of the album including a live DVD.

PIL returned in 2009, after a 17 year hiatus. John Lydon financed the reunion using money he earned doing a UK TV commercial for Country Life butter.
"The money that I earned from that has now gone completely – lock stock and barrel – into reforming PiL", said Lydon.
The new line-up (consisting of Lydon, earlier members Bruce Smith and Lu Edmonds, plus multi-instrumentalist Scott Firth) began touring in late 2009. On 1 July 2011, PiL re-entered the studio and began recording new material.
PiL left the studio in August and in September it was revealed that they had recently completed their new album.

From Post-Punk to Dub and Wavy sounds by the old master-mind of the Punk scene!
A great return not to be missed ....

Tracklist :
§ This Is PiL
CD-1 This Is PiL 3:39
CD-2 One Drop 4:52
CD-3 Deeper Water 6:08
CD-4 Terra-Gate 3:47
CD-5 Human 6:02
CD-6 I Must Be Dreaming 4:14
CD-7 It Said That 4:09
CD-8 The Room I Am In 3:07
CD-9 Lollipop Opera 6:54
CD-10 Fool 5:52
CD-11 Reggie Song 5:49
CD-12 Out Of The Woods 9:41

§ There Is A PiL In Heaven
DVD-1 Deeper Water
DVD-2 This Is Not A Love Song
DVD-3 Albatross
DVD-4 Reggie Song
DVD-5 Disappointed
DVD-6 Warrior
DVD-7 Religion
DVD-9 Death Disco
DVD-10 Flowers Of Romance
DVD-11 Lollipop Opera
DVD-12 Bags / Chant
DVD-13 Out Of The Woods
DVD-14 One Drop
DVD-15 Rise
DVD-16 Open Up

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