Plague Alone



When these tracks were recorded in spring-summer 2019, when the prophetic album title was set in stone, who knew what turbulence the world would undergo, what social isolation we would endure.
To face a plague alone...
This release marks a change in the sound of Colossloth.
Whilst still traversing landscapes sheathed in cacophony, the layers when stripped back reveal a new sound being forged and emerging forth from the fractured sonics and sepulchral bass rumblings one has come to expect from past releases.
Not so much a change of direction, but a bold move forward towards the cinematic, an instinctual transcendence born from annulled ancient currents stirred up once more into frenzied and chthonic ritual.
This new frontier in the Colossloth sound meets the familiar sense of pastoral disquiet and gleefully invigorating spatial havoc utilising a canon of sound that's normally reserved for taking part in the creation of dimensions.
Music for transportation and immersion, taming the wilderness of the ravaged psyche and sailing forth upon it's turbulent ocean whereof whilst also a meditation on the configurations of sound and it's transmutations wherein.

1. Little Cups Of Grace (2:30)
2. Dies Infaustus (3:25)
3. Naked Blooded & Witched (8:43)
4. Plague Alone (10:43)
5. Scylla Is Rising (5:16)
6. Silt (15:04)

7. A Fuse Like This Has To Be Lit (14:47)

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