Grey Eminence


CD Digipack (TESCO 079) - TESCO

A 4th full-length offering from these masters of existential necroindustrial.
Grey Eminence is a meditation on the clandestine forces laboring tirelessly to prevent humanity from achieving its ultimate spiritual goals.
Eight completely focused and meticulously executed compositions akin to an emotionally stirring haunted carousel ride through the vibrant, surreal and grotesque mental imagery, netherworld of paranoid illusions, mystic transmissions, secret rituals, somber and horrific visions of a civilization in decline.
The lethargic torpors of ebbing and flowing analog pulsations and textures, augmented with obscure samples, acoustic string and percussion instruments alternate with violent hailstorms of rusted scrap metal, moans of apocalyptic machinery and serpentine invocations.
Mastered by Andreas Wanhmann of Fir§t Law.

Founded in New York City in 1999 Post Scriptvm creates bleak electronic music spanning a variety of post-industrial genres and described by the reviewers as concertedly dreamlike, mesmerizing, claustrophobic, and disturbing. Post Scriptvm's releases possess the emotional dynamics of a manic-depressive disorder. The compositions flow from eerie, hypnotizing death ambient structures to the visceral intensity of industrial noise, invoking surreal, Kafkaesque mental imagery as well as an overwhelming anguish of metaphysical horror.

1. Bell Glass Dome
2. Abortion of Memory
3. Tarantulla Pattern
4. Nausea Vortex
5. Upon Decadent Scum
6. Rauschnarkoz
7. Homo Spectator
8. White Shamans

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