Psycho Warfare


CD Jewel Box (STCD 049) - STAALPLAAT

Psycho Warfare is the First CD-release of Zombies under Stress dated bck in 1992.
It can be called Industrial Techno.
It is underground and by no means music for dance-parties.
On the other hand, it is not noise-music without any structure, all songs have a rudimentary, more or less unfinished or mangled pop-song structure with a beat, that is always the fundament, not the gritty samples and noise...
Very rare album.

1  Just Dying    
2  Too Late    
3  Only Us    
4  Forces Of Anarchy    
5  Yugoslavia    
6  Weakmind    
7  I Consume    
8  Program Apocalypse    
9  Vote Destruction    
10  Blackmail    
11  Afghan    
12  Das Hertz    
13  A Yesli

This is rare!
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