Ramraiding thee Abyss



Limited Edition 300 copies


Foreseen to be released late in June / July 2023
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CD re-edition of the LP out on OEC in 2013.
CD also includes the 4 tracks of the very limited music-cassette who was part of a special edition.
300 copies in 6 panels Digipak

“Ramraiding thee Abyss" is both a split and a collaboration LP between three units born out of the extreme electronic and experimental music network.
The result of a 15 year long alliance turned into aural assault, blending the three projects’ different styles into a celebration of the chaos, the confusion and the uncertainty, we witness on a daily basis in this ever changing world.

This record features, mostly, new material, including both collaborations between the three units as well as stand-alone tracks.
The sounds, visuals and concept, to be found within this release, have been developed over years of exchanging sounds, ideas and lyrics.

GREY WOLVES are known to the world as prime movers of the so-called CULTURAL TERRORISM NETWORK and they return on this album with brand-new tracks in their own unique style, made of strongly-crafted noise patterns united with fierce vocal oriented power electronics.

WERTHAM Italo-hardcore electronics, goes back to the violent streets of its debut CD, alternating mid/low-end pulsing analog waves to multi-layered harsher sounds, with heavy use of samples and tortured vocals.

SURVIVAL INSTINCT is a splinter cell and an exit strategy, of and from, the GREY WOLVES.
This unit delivers strongly constructed tracks.
Electronic noise wreckage and underlying rhythmic elements, meet dark ambient / atmospheric soundscapes that build to a high level of intensity.
This is a unit born of Wolves but heading out in its own direction.

1  GREY WOLVES / WERTHAM / SURVIVAL INSTINCT - No good deeds will be left unpunished
2  GREY WOLVES - Latin Day (Flashback - Ipswich Agro)
3  WERTHAM - Shankill Butchers
4  SURVIVAL INSTINCT - Rise Above the Flames
5  SURVIVAL INSTINCT / WERTHAM - Towards a Dark Horizon
6  GREY WOLVES - Edging Ever Closer 
7  WERTHAM - Friday Night Boot Party
8  SURVIVAL INSTINCT - New Phase Dawns
9  SURVIVAL INSTINCT - Chemical Solution
10  GREY WOLVES / WERTHAM - Wave of Destruction
11  GREY WOLVES - Beauty in Decay
12  WERTHAM - Punitive Measures (DASPO)

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