Ready Steady Despair!


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Miro Snejdr is the man behind HERR LOUGE CORPS.
"Ready Steady Despair!" is the brilliant new opus from this Slovakian talent so closely associated with DEATH IN JUNE in the last few years being a permanent live member of DIJ when playing live .
Beautiful songs, loads of piano, femal voices.... music for cocktails.....

"I've been playing this a lot recently alongside new releases from groups such as Pet Shop Boys, Graham Nash, Wire, Buzzcocks and The Last Shadow Puppets and Herr Lounge Corps easily competes and stands equal to, if not better than, some of these greats. I'm so proud Miro could follow through on his great debut. 'Ready, Steady, Despair' is a must have for our Zeitgeist - the Death Of The West.
Heilige!" - Douglas P. -

1 Insanity - Years Of Rebuilding - Peace 4:04
2 Blizzard Of Twofold 5:26
3 Delight In Disorder 5:31
4 Drowning Alone 6:31
5 Glittering Deception 6:00
6 Nothing To Live For 9:31
7 Major Surgery 3:29
8 Up-hill 2:50
9 A Slight Case Of Handjob 5:28
10 We Dissolved As One Into The Spiral 7:13
11 101 Reasons For Night 5:27

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