The World Awake! / 11 Stueck

REFORMED FACTION [:zoviet*france:]

2xCD Mini LP Cover (SOL 179 CD) - SOLEILMOON

The World Awake! / 11 Stueck is a new double album from Reformed Faction, the duo of Robin Storey and Mark Spybey (:zoviet*france:).
The World Awake! Was originally intended for a vinyl release and recorded from improvisations made on one day in November of 2009.
11 Stueck was compiled from improvisations made on December 1st 2009, with drummer Christian Alderson and bass player Oscar Ruiz Fernandez.
The Austin Texas based musician Tony D’Oporto, aka Gnome, also appears on one track.
The work references the writing of Henry Miller, in his aptly entitled essay, “With Edgar Varese in the Gobi Desert.”

“The World Awake!
Just to repeat that to yourself five times a day is enough to make an anarchist of you.
How would you awaken the world – if you were a musician ?
With a sonata for rusty tin openers ?
Have you ever thought about it ?
Or would you rather remain asleep ?”

“We have been educated to such a fine – or dull – point that we are incapable of enjoying something new, something different, until we are first told what it’s all about.
We don’t trust our five senses.
We rely on our critics and educators, all of whom are failures in the realm of creation.”

This first edition of “The World Awake/11 Stueck” is presented in a high-quality screen printed sleeve with printed slipcases for each disc.

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