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CD Jewel-Box (Aussaat ‎– 16) - AUSSAAT

Limited Edition 200 copies

Second CD by this new Finnish extreme-noise monster after the debut on FREAK ANIMAL.
Finlands own Harsh Noise destroyer offers you once again sound violence from the darkest corners of the modern world.
A little bit more nuanced than Edge of Decay's older tape releases but still ugly and crushing like never before.
43 minutes of metal junk beating, violent shouts, some industrial flavour and Finnish noise chaos.

Vocals in "Anti-Ihminen" & "Kurista Kauneus" by Kovana.
Limited edition of 200 copies in Super Jewel Case.

1. Itkuvirsi
2. Projektio Kivusta
3. T.L.S.
4. Anti-Ihminen (feat. Kovana)
5. Käsky
6. Syövyttävä
7. Kurista Kauneus (feat. Kovana)
8. Harhakuva

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