Roman Holiday


CD Jewel Box (g.m.b.h. cd001) - G.M.B.H.

Ulta was an experimantal / noise outfit active in the 90es creating sound and voice collages.
Leaded by Jon Carlson, Christoph Heeman (H.N.A.S.) used to be also involved in that project.
"Roman Holyday" is a sort of compilation containg 5 unreleased tracks and 4 other compilation and 7" tracks.

Clusterfuck (Family Version)     4:09
Whistle For Your Mistress     8:03
Perfect Pitch And Manchester United     2:34
Wad 2     5:45
Ultratumba     4:39
Doll Rally     3:19
New Centurion     3:10
Malaria     7:37
Letter Of Introduction     4:07

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