Rosarium Hermeticum


CD Digipack (UR008) - UR MUZIK

Re-edition of the self released CDr out in 2006 and limited to only 111 copies.
This was the third ARTEFACTUM album after the well reviewed CDs "Chaos Elements" on Athanor and "Sangreal" collaborative release with Horologium on Old Europa Cafe.
This time even more ritualistic than ever, Artefactum brings back the best atmospheres of early CMI artists, esoteric Ain Soph era combined with female whispers, tribal drums and more refined sound quality, completely devoted to the magic of Roses!
Comes packed in elegant Digipack.

1 Viridarium Chemicum: Gathering Rosebuds On A Dewy Meadow In The Glorious Morning     8:18
2 Sperm Of The Philosopher: Sweet Kisses At The Saturnine Night     8:24
3 Misterium Magnum     8:02
4 Rosenkrieg     7:38
5 Quinta Essentia     7:06
6 Ars Magna Lucis     5:30
7 Occulted Alchemical Physics     6:05
8 Southern Skies     7:02

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