In Hoc Urbia Miazi


CD in 7" cover (OECD 090) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

After more than 28 years the seminal contamination by Maurizio Bianchi / MB called "Sacher-Pelz" is finally back with dyslexic hollows
in the hypertoxic forewarning of scrupulous connoisseurs: "In Hoc Urbia Miazi"
is its irrational title, and you should take note of this for your survival !
Uncompromising & best quality old-school industrial-noise like in the very early
"Come Organisation" times by this Italian CULT project !

1 M Your Eyes - Biolche 14:02
2 In Hoc Signo Vinces 5:15
3 Ubimarchiazioni 13:41
4 Rizomarzio 4:54
5 Ain 11:01
6 Delitto Pineale 10:03
7 In Hoc Urbia Miazi 16:19

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