CD Carton Sleeve (URCD012 / Arc7) - UTECH RECORDS

Japanese vocalist and instrumentalist Sachiko (Overhang Party, Vava Kitora, Kosokuya) second white-hot solo release.
Her brilliant debut "You Never Atone For" gilded wings straight to the heart of the psych sun.
The journey continues with Kunado.
A tincture of Taj Mahal Travellers, wispy oscillations and lysergic vocals bathes the recording in delicate atmosphere as Sachiko's sonic attack leaves vicious and harrowing results.

1 Dmu-Bdud Kam-Po So-Zan (10:12)
2 Dusk (5:55)
3 Route 21 (7:28)
4 Cosmic Garden (12:30)
5 The Voice From The Border (8:49)
6 Gakida No Mori (9:48)
7 Chiacona Und Konzert In G Moll (3:11)

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