Troadouro - Retrospectiva 1997-2007


2xCD Digipack (Folcastro 001) - FOLCASTRO / STEINKLANG

A worth hearing retrospective over 10 years, made from unreleased, rare and rough material. Troadouro contains 44 rare and collectable songs.
It includes songs from “Alborada do Douro”, their debut tape of ritual folklore, and it follows with excerpts of rehearsals, demos, a live song with Michael Moynihan and Annabel Lee of Blood Axis, a home version of Wir rufen Deine Wölfe with Gerhard Hallstatt of Allerseelen and a lot of exciting unreleased songs in their unique style.

The double digipack CD is released by FOLCASTRO, the new Portuguese label connected to Sangre Cavallum.
This new folklorist and field collector label researches in the area of ethnomusicology and lore along with the new paths of folk music.
But its work goes beyond the purely musical level.
It will release field recordings, soundscapes, bioacoustics, bruitage, audio art illustrations and phonographic documents about traditions and environment from northern Portugal, Galiza and other ethnic regions of Iberia and Europe.
An expedition to the world of pagan tradition with a contemporary interpretation.
A clear co-operation with the Alpen song hunters of Ahnstern.

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