Sans Palatine Uvula

SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND [Sutcliffe Jugend] & JUNKO [Hijokaidan]

CD Digifile (4iB CD/0513/003) - 4iB

Sans Palatine Uvula" showcases the amalgamation of 2 pioneering artists of their respective genres: Sutcliffe Jugend and Junko (from HIJOKAIDAN).
Both have made their presence significantly felt since the early 1980s in England and Japan.
This album sees Sutcliffe Jugend taking a step beyond as they push the envelope of sound progression to greater heights.
Junko‘s piercing screams and squeals serve as a canvas for Sutcliffe Jugend to work on and develop further in their own innovative style.
The results demonstrate a very unique reconstruction of the shriek queen’s original vocal outbursts, which see them being reworked and reinvented separately through manipulative treatments of cut-ups, distortions, samplings and introduction of other sonic elements.
The tensions that have been separately produced from the harsh elements of voice and sound eventually subside as they resonate with each other, bringing forth a balanced unity of yin and yang.

1 Mouth Ripping 1:57 
2 Throat Ripper 3:11 
3 Mouth Leak 1:39 
4 Mouth Slipping 3:46 
5 Lip Splitter 1:42 
6 Sans Larynx 8:49 
7 Throat Leak 1:59 
8 Throat Slipper 5:03 
9 Sans Palatine 14:07 
10 Tongue Splitter 2:44   

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