Amplifying Hatred



Limited Edition 100 copies

SCRELOMA is a one-man Japanese Power-Electronics / Industrial-Noise project from Jun-Ichi Takahashi
Jun-Ichi might be more known for being together with Masahiko Okubo (LINEKRAFT) a member of MOTHRA (a Japanese Experimental-Noise band).
His music closely represents the chaotic spiritual world of humans and is reminiscent of the soundtrack of a fictional war documentary film.
"Amplifying Hatred" is 4th Screloma album after 3 self released cassettes an also offering his heavier sounds.
Recommended for those who like projects like Kevlar, or S.T.A.B. Electronics.
Comes with with obi strip.

"The victims of hatred are endless.
Neither statement is correct.
There is only the hatred of being robbed of one's beloved family and friends."

1.  Dark Side 7:45
2.  In Retaliation, You Lose Everything 4:52
3.  Reality And Truth 6:06
4.  Lead Rain 6:06
5.  They Treat Humans Like Livestock 6:29
6.  Look Of Death 6:34


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