Illa exuro in silentium



Over the past decade Second Skin has made music for compilations,labels,film ...
"Illa Exuro In Silentium" is their 29th musical release and fourth studio album.
Arron, over the years has played with everyone from Rozz Williams to The Mission UK.
The band has been also honored to be a part of the Bowie Tribute by Cleopatra.
Also the band was part of the Tributes to the Cure and The Mission that got the band high marks from both Robert Smith and Wayen Hussey.
Second Skin was the hand pick by Director Pearry Teo to work on a movie based on a script by the late Jim Morrison of the Doors, the band met with rock ledgend Ray Manzerak who said of Second Skin "This is exactally the kind of band Jim discribed in his script, dark, modern, stage persence and grace".

This new album, a Vampire Western, it is Dark and is true to what you always wanted from a Second Skin Recording.
"illa Exuro In Silentium" is 11 tracks of pure Second Skin ~ Sexy, fast, angry and powerful.
Deathrock evolved you won't be disappointed ...

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