Chastity & Dementia



Seelenblut is a project from Greece which was already featured on a couple of Old Europa Cafe compilation releases.
The whole album shows spectacular views with performing as opera chapters.
Numerous piano/orchestra comes with touching deep masculine crooning and feminine voice singing mysterious melodies.
Great Dark Ambient/Industrial intro and outro.
If you enjoy Dark-Pop/Neo-classical don't miss this brilliant album.

01. Micma Ioiad
02. Brother Uranus
03. A New in the Cadaver Room
04. Coniunctio : Immersion in the Alchemical Bath
05. Chastity & Dementia
06. Deima Panikon
07. Awakeinng in the Midst of a Deafening Silence
08. A Sarabande of Withered Flowers
09. Othil Iaida Aoiom

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