Love and Murder



After nearly two years, Butow Maler and Troy Southgate present 'Love and Murder, their new opus.
Accompanied by psychedelic guitar riffs, this album is far more song-based than their debut album and Seelenlicht follows the neoclassical path with sophistication and dynamism.
From the social abyss of humanity and bittersweet murder ballads, to dark rune-prayers and the absurdity and brutality of World War One upon the bloody fields of Flanders‚
'Love and Murder' also devotes attention to Romantic literature by setting to music the poetry of Novalis and Percy Bysshe Shelley.
Guests including Dev (While Angels Watch), Josef Klumb (Von Thronstahl) and Wulf Ingessunu (Woden's Folk) complete the apocalyptic cocktail of darkfolk and neoclassical.

Tracklist :
1 Vergiss Mein Nicht 4:45
2 The Romantics 4:30
3 The Ghosts Of Flanders 4:08
4 The Outsider 4:35
5 When The Lamp Is Shattered 4:05
6 Revolution In Black 5:16
7 The Lovers Revenge 4:22
8 Dreamsleep 3:26
9 Futhorc 4:42
10 Priapus 3:36
11 Life And Death 3:59
12 Memnon, Prince Of Ethiopia 4:48
13 Return To Summerisle 4:09
14 Ansuz - Laguz - Uruz 5:47

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