CD Digipack (CSR124CD) - COLD SPRING

Former MAYHEM front man MANIAC, whose band SKITLIV has proved to be a surprising departure from the Black Metal genre for which he was best known for over 20 years, has formed a side-project with fiancé Vivian Slaughter, bass player/vocalist with the Japanese all-girl band GALLHAMMER, SKITLIV's guitarist Ingvar Magnusson and experimentalist Andrew Liles (NURSE WITH WOUND).
Unlike SKITLIV, which is a noise/doom amalgam, with Maniacs vocals still firmly rooted in Black Metal, SEHNSUCHT is in the noise / darkwave / ambient genre, with any vestiges of Black Metal pared away.

1 Sult 6:57
2 Cunt Queen 4:24
3 South Of Cincinnati 3:14
4 Wüste 3:56
5 Tarn Of Guilt 4:57
6 Good Morning Great Moloch 4:60 (Lyrics by David Tibet - Music by C 93/ M. Cashmore)
7 Stadt Der Engerl Der Vernichtung 3:34
8 Tokyo Daymare 4:16
9 Hanging In English Garden 11:26 (Lyrics by David Tibet - Music by - M. Cashmore)
10 Ten 4:59

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