Shallow Grave - The Very Worst of Bagman Vol I


Music Cassette (CUT 019) - 999 CUTS

BAGMAN in two words: "Power Electronics".
Steve Bagman returns with his personal best (worst) selected tracks from this great project.
One hour long of pain and delusion.

The Cassette comes in a special package with a little skull attached to the tape.
Tape itself is housed inside a biohazard-BAG.
Original artwork & collage by Ben Schmidt (Janus Tapes).

A1  A Pinch Of Snuff
A2  Suffolk Strangler
A3  Self Hate
A4  Power Assertive
A5  Prime Cut
A6  Malignant Narcissist
B1  Last Bastion
B2  True Self
B3  Frailty
B4  Pit
B5  Dregs
B6  Crossbow Cannibal
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