The Double Experience


CD Digifolder (OPNCD0012 / LNA-E-002) - OPN / LA NOUVELLE AUDIENCE

Walter Norman (MTC) and Botchan Karisen (Babylone Chaos) met at the end of the 90’s in Nice (South of France) when they started working on different musical projects.
In 2000, they created a musical concept and project called SicNoise.
A first album"No Longer Human", was released in January 2002 on the Cut-Up Factory Cd-r label.
No Longer Human / No Human Longer / Longer No Human / Longer Human No / Human No Longer / Human Longer No...
The two members met again by chance in December 2006 with no reformation mentioned.
A few months passed by and the creative process started again.
Between Nice, Dijon and Paris, new tracks were forged, deformed and then evolved towards the doppelganger.
At the end of summer 2009, their new album, “The Double Experience”, was complete. Finding the name of the album seemed obvious, a bit like the creation of SicNoise.

1 Flummox V2 5:44
2 Atomic Peplum 4:33
3 Ymara 4:17
4 Moon On Mars 5:04
5 Alien Baba 4:41
6 Exoticall 6:28
7 Perfect View 5:00
8 Zombizomba 5:50
9 Remote Listen 3:53
10 Mr Hamilton 5:55

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