Sinter Pools



Ionophore is the project of the SF Bay Area/London-based multi-instrumentalists Leila Abdul-Rauf, Jan Hendrich, and Ryan Honaker.
The trio weaves dark electronics and neoclassical soundscapes with heavy drones, seamlessly melding the orchestral strings of Honaker, the horns and voice of Abdul-Rauf, and electronic manipulations of Hendrich.
Working closely with mastering magician Myles Boisen (known for his work with Angelo Badalamenti, John Zorn, Fred Frith), the result is an entrancing original sound, combining cinematic tones with beat-driven, ethereal ambience.
A genre-bending and highly creative album that embodies the more adventurous and forward thinking nature of what Malignant Antibody was designed to release.

1 Sinter Pools 4:49
2 Infantman 4:35
3 Unchecked 5:29
4 Undergound Man 5:08
5 Post 4:25
6 Sequester 5:24
7 12 Minutes 3:40
8 Checked 4:43

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