Six, Six Songs


CD Digipak (TW 1.149) -

Split release by HYPERBOREI (Argentina) and DARK AWAKE (Greece), their first collaboration and maybe not the last one.
Six songs by each group, each one in his particular musical style.
HYPERBOREI offering the Dark-Folk which is their trade-mark and a very unsuaual cover like “Across the Universe” by THE BEATLES in a martial vein.
While DARK AWAKE offers best Martial sounds with powerful drums, chants, marches... Mysticism and medieval metaphysics, divine philosophy and strength.
Mysterious atmospheres and hypnotic stractures to stimulate the subconcious.

1 Dark Awake - Die Weisse Edelweiss
2 Hyperborei - At The Shore
3 Dark Awake - Natalis Invicti
4 Hyperborei - When The Stones Speaks
5 Dark Awake - Radiant Sons Of The Vernal Equinox
6 Hyperborei - Walking On The Sand
7 Dark Awake - Sacred Bloodline (The Templars)
8 Hyperborei - Blood On The Sand
9 Dark Awake - Rest On Your Arms Reversed III
10 Hyperborei - In Trance
11 Dark Awake - Winter 1944
12 Hyperborei - Across The Universe

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