Journal Noir / Lithium Path

SKIN AREA [Martin Bladh / IRM]

2xCD Digifile (CMI 150) - COLD MEAT INDUSTRY

Talk about being open-minded and actually being it is a virtue.
The two gentlemen Martin Bladh (from IRM) and Magnus Lindh, set out on a journey to blow up the everyday expectations of common industrial music and we must say they really surpassed themselves.
Years in the making, this experimental set of tracks presented as a double CD should be seen as two different works.
Blending raging noise, ritualistic, flowing ambiences, shimmering guitar drones, intelligent beats, strangely structured bass-lines, hypnotic percussion, surreal and psychotic vocals as an instrument.
Sublimely paying homage to golden creation, it never offers what you expect.
Should you be the LEAST interested in something out of the ordinary and got the shakes for drastic changes, fast turns and full spectrum visions, look no further, you've got it right here!
Might be chilly outside, but this certainly gives your body both physical warmth and mental discomfort.
Featuring vocal contributions from Carl Abrahamsson and Ann-Marie Thim and several other guest appearances.

§  Journal Noir
1-1 Posthumous 15:16
1-2 Silverhall 6:41
1-3 Borderline 4:20
1-4 A Childish Confession 6:56 (Voice – Carl Abrahamsson)
1-5 Blut Und Weintrauben 8:28
1-6 Journal: Noir 4:50
1-7 Doll At Play 1:17
1-8 Spiral Nerve 3:44
1-9 Choose Art, Not Life 7:33

§  Lithium Path
2-1 Into Bliss 9:33
2-2 Elvira 6:07
2-3 The Vivian Girls 4:12
2-4 Nostalgia 3:43
2-5 The Room 3:05
2-6 Lithium Path Pt. 1 8:53
2-7 Down The Third Conjunction 2:35
2-8 Lithium Path Pt. 2 7:57

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