Sorcery, Spells and Serpent Charms



After a break of over ten years, Sleepchamber (new spelling!) are back!
One of the most influential bands from the American Industrial scene.
John Zewizz presents the new band line-up with a stunning collection of classic SC musick. The album belongs to the band's abstract dark ambient side but also has a few musical surprises.
"Captured Spirits, spells, white horns and halos, white wings, black wings an a tail dimension ov fascination.
You are who you made yourself or who you want to be.
Destines are planned and maintained.
Fate iz accepting that choices & change iz unobtainable.
Enclosed dreams and dimensional ortals reveal audio that welkums entrance to secret and sorcery and charms turned spell."

1 Philtre (2:06)
2 Sorceress (6:25)
3 Thundernail (5:04)
4 Cobra Charm (6:41)
5 Beyond The Exterior (3:41)
6 23 Steps (2:21)
7 Ravens Eye (2:56)
8 Datura Dream (5:39)
9 Henbane (4:00)
10 Sweet Dreams Sweet (6:26)
11 Neither - Neither (2:35)
12 Kaos Invokation (8:18)
13 Sleep Sigil (11:29)

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