Japanese duo Jack Or Jive expertly mixes the shadowy enchantment of female vocal with paganish landscape. On the other hand, the Neapolitan musician GOR writes ethnic fusion scores of such combinations of Mediterranean and Western-Asia.
Colliding with each other, "Soliel" offers the absolutely thrilling experience to all Jack Or Jive and GOR’s fans.
However, the essential of "Soliel"is mainly Jack Or Jive’s style, including the unique harmonies of the melodies and the qualities of the arrangements and mixes.
In other words, the album is the soundtrack filled with orientalism.
Instead of fragile, disorientating voice in other JOJ previous albums, Chako sung, as the Tibetan and the Moglian, with mellifluous prayers for peace and nature, just like the song "Sea of clouds". The crystal-like tones of Chako strike a balance between light and darkness.
Chako’s voices melt in our heart to heal the dark side of our inner negative emotions.

1  Hammiqdash     5:14
2  Shofar     3:50
3  Hieros Gamos     5:24
4  Masiqta     7:03
5  Zeloun     5:48
6  Heimarméne     6:02
7  Gulgatha     5:06
8  Blue Curtain     5:34

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