Songs from a Hospital Bed

PAUL TAYLOR (Sutcliffe Jugend / Sutcliffe No More)

CD Digipak (4iB CD/0122/068) - 4iB

Limited Edition 200 copies

Paul Taylor is one half of Sutcliffe Jugend.
This is the soundtrack to a particularly brutal part of Taylor’s life where he almost lost his life in a horrendous medical emergency.
Taylor was in and out of a coma, had three major operations and ended up horribly scarred and addicted to morphine as a result of his hospitalization.
Terrifying and darkly beautiful sepulchral darkness and ripples with confiscating noise and ambient interludes.
Menacing and foreboding work at times reminiscent of the early tape experiments of Maurizio Bianchi.

1.  First Blood 7:18
2.  Ordeal 4:59
3.  Despair 6:34
4.  Drenched 4:54
5.  Crisis 6:52
6.  Morphine 5:30
7.  Colostomy Catastrophy 5:50
8.  Infected Coma 8:54
9.  Cured 6:20

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