Sonic Fields Vlieland


USB Memory Card (None) - NOT ON LABEL

Limited Edition 300 copies

Format: USB memory card release; uncompresse hi-res audio
Duration: 3 hours
Edition: 300 signed copies

‘Sonic Fields Vlieland’ is an audio composition made exclusively with original environmental recordings done in the island of Vlieland (North Sea, Holland) created in 2017.
With no additional instruments, voices or any other sounds, these recordings have been transfigured and dramatically evolved to create a new virtual sonic reality.
Originally conceived to be listened at specific geo-located positions in Vlieland.

Track list:
MOVEMENT 1:  ‘forest dip’  15:00
MOVEMENT 2:  ‘forest hill’  25:00
MOVEMENT 3:  ‘dune crater’  20:00
MOVEMENT 4:  ‘beach’  30:00
MOVEMENT 5:  ‘polders’  30:00
MOVEMENT 6:  ‘west end’  60:00

A listening expedition on Vlieland:
With the question of soundtrackcity what the island of Vlieland could offer to the ears, Francisco López explored the island as a hidden gem,
a unique place in the Netherlands where you can still find wild, unspoiled nature.
López takes you into the primeval landscape of Vlieland.
With only original environmental recordings, without additional instruments, voices or other sounds, López creates a new virtual sonic reality which you can experience at six di erent locations spread across the island.
Set o with the Soundtrackcity app and headphones, on foot or by bike, from the village to the Vliehors.

Download the walk in the Soundtrackcity app.
The composition has 6 geo-located ‘movements’: in order to listen to them you need to physically reach specific locations in the island.
These locations as well as the recommended nature hiking route to reach them are indicated on the map.
The locations and the route have been selected for both their natural features and their suitability for focused and relaxed listening.
Once you reach a location, please fi nd a comfortable spot, sit down or lie down and enjoy the listening trip of that ‘movement’ in that natural surrounding environment.
Besides your dedicated listening, good quality headphones (not the typical simple smartphone earbuds) are highly recommended, as this
composition contains lots of low frequencies, subtle sonic materials, virtual sonic space, and other aural delicacies that you wouldn’t want
to miss!

The complete composition is 3-hours long but you can of course freely choose to listen to only some of its ‘movements’.
You can also follow other routes of your own to reach the listening locations: besides hiking, some locations are easily accessible by bike or
even approached with the bus line that connects the village of Oost-Vlieland in the east with the Posthuys in the middle of the island.
While most listening locations are within easy reach, there is an ultimate longest movement at the very far west end of the island, in the amazing desertic zone known as Vliehors, for the truly adventurous hikers-listeners!

One entire day of hiking and listening: Starting from the Vuurtoren (lighthouse) of Oost-Vlieland, follow the route indicated in the map all the way to the west end of the island.
On your way back, when you reach the Posthuys you can get a bus ride back to Oost-Vlieland (make sure to check bus schedules in advance).
This would make a total of around 7-8 hours of hiking (approx. 32 Km) plus 3 hours of listening. If you prefer to hike back from the Posthuys you will have around 2 additional hours (approx. 8 Km) along the road through the south shore of the island.

please note that the entire west half of the island (Vliehors) is ONLY ACCESSIBLE TO THE PUBLIC ON WEEKENDS.
AVAILABILITY The Soundtrackcity app is available in the App Store (Apple) and at Google Play (Android).
You can use your own headphones.
Don’t have headphones with you?
You can get them at the tourist o ce (VVV) Vlieland, Havenweg 10 (opposite the ferrydock).
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