Leichenschrei (OEC 2019 Re-Edition)

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OEC is proudly going for the re-edition of that SPK masterpiece first out in 1982.
Close to 40 years are gone but the energy of LEICHENSCREI by "Socialistisches Patienten Kollektiv" is still very H.I.G.H.!
A referment and absolute highlight in Industrial culture and muzak.
GRAEME REVELL wrote a new (2019) Leichenschrei Testament/Tribute for this re-release.
Those writings will be integrated into cover notes for introduce the 2019 listener into such "Magnum Opera".

It all starts off with ominous electronics, muffled voices talking about guillotines and icy bodies and death.
Very dark.
And then we kick into this drums and electronic industrial percussion thing but the voices just keep on with the same oppressive stance...
Bits of autopsy tapes, some insane schizoid monologue from a woman babbling about rape, syphilis, mind control.
And we're not even much more than five minutes in...
"Leichenschrei" (the title means "corpse screams" on German) is one of the absolutely darkest musical visions of the early Industrial works.
Terribly dynamic and organic.
A must have for all lovers of Industrial muzak and its roots.

1 Genetic Transmission (3:17)
2 Post- Mortem (2:24)
3 Desolation (1:18)
4 Napalm (Terminal Patient) (2:39)
5 Cry From The Sanatorium (2:26)
6 Baby Blue Eyes (2:38)
7 Israel (2:46)
8 Internal Bleeding (1:46)
9 Chamber Music (3:26)
10 Despair (4:45)
11 The Agony Of The Plasma (3:03)
12 Day Of Pigs (4:18)
13 Wars Of Islam (4:31)
14 Maladia Europa (The European Sickness) (3:50)


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13.09.2019 - TJ Norris / Toneshift

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