Stances / Semblance


CD Digipak (sic 100) - CIPHER PRODUCTIONS

Limited Edition 300 copies

While the name ULEX XANE  will forever be linked to his project STREICHER, Ulex's artistic capacity runs much deeper than his infamous power electronics vision. Ulex's work as a visual artist has recently received wider acknowledgment, and now with 'Stances Semblance' a trove of electroacoustic compositions is finally unearthed.

The work on this 80 minute CD spans early childhood experimentations (a piece recorded in 1975), formative compositions from the 1980s and 1990s, and a suite of 21st century works, all showing careful restraint, elevated articulation, and deep understanding for experimental music, visual art and modern thought.
Direct musical references include Walter Marchetti, Pierre Schaeffer and Krzysztof Meyer.
I also hear the whimsy of Luc Ferrari, and the spatial awareness of Pierre Henry.
Every listener will hear, and learn, more.
A 40 year retrospective of Musique Concrète and Electroacoustic works (recorded 1975-2015)

CD comes with 28 page booklet featuring a detailed essay and other expository notes.

1.  The Inarticulate 17:09
2.  Subsistence 2:00
3.  Paroxysms Of Disappearance 5:07
4.  Space, Time and the Categories (Cinq études de bruits factice) - Part 1 - Identity : Precession of Simulacra 3:12
5.  Part 2 - Difference : White Ghost 8:24
6.  Part 3 - Existence : Contingent Objects 8:26
7.  Part 4 - Relation : Listen, Dummy 7:43
8.  Part 5 - Universality : Les Champs magnétiques 7:24
9.  Noise Panel #43 (triptych) 1:00
10.  The Disinherited Mind 8:31
11.  Farewell to Matters of Principle 9:38

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