Rituals For The Dying


10" Vinyl (core 011) - CONSPIRACY

A 2-track 10".
"Rituals For The Dying," was a primer for the LP "Kinetic," which has been described as a mixture of dark ambient soundscapes with hypnotic drum patterns.
Starfish Pool is more than likely to gain more appreciation with a packed dance floor that is ready to absorb the dark and protruding beats emanating from this slab of wax.
With an industrial-techno backbone that is reminiscent of the (older) Detroit "sound," one might think that Starfish Pool are trying to recreate that style.
However, with Koen's minimal approach, the straight 4x4 beats and harsh sound-structures unfold a new chapter for smooth atmospheric noise.
"Rituals For The Dying" is one of the better sides of techno that deserves to be heard.

A Rituals For The Dying 5 AM - Liquid For Females
B Rituals For The Dying 3 PM - Walk On High

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