Georg Thom (2012)

STEIN [Dies Natalis]

CD Digipack (LK013) - LICHTERKLANG

The new STEIN album is based on poems written during the time of the first World War by Norbert Strahl’s Great-Grandfather Georg Thom.
It’s a collection of poems he wrote and handed over to his wife later on.
Some of them were already used on previous albums longing back to the days of DIES NATALIS („Gedenken“) and SEELENTHRON („Heimkehr“).
"Georg Thom" features twelve tracks of pure German neofolk STEIN as well as SEELENTHRON or DIES NATALIS are known for, characterized by the intimacy of Goerg Thoms feelings and the events he took part in WWI, thus making the album the most impressive one in the long musical career of Norbert Strahl and STEIN.

Tracklist :
1. Am Weg dort hinterm Zaun
2. Abend auf Rügen
3. Soldatenlied
4. Wehes Scheiden
5. Doppelhöhe 60
6. Bergnacht
7. Höhenflug
8. Gedenken
9. Herbst
10. Verlorener Posten
11. Rosengruss
12. Dorothea & Georg

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