Stone Tape



The 10th album from The Telescopes is full of wall-to-wall psychedelic drones, swaying chants, trance-inducing shoegaze and "suspended-in-space magnificence" (Julian Cope).

Stone Tape is a concept album inspired by "Stone Tape Theory" (or "residual haunting"), theorized by Thomas Charles Lethbridge in 1961.
The archaeologist, parapsychologist and explorer developed the idea that inanimate materials can absorb energy from living beings, and that this mental electrical energy, released during emotional or traumatic events, could somehow be "stored" in such materials and "reproduced" under certain conditions.
The hypothesis has been known as "Stone Tape Theory" since the cult 1972 TV screenplay "Stone Tape" by Nigel Neale.
Originally released on a limited edition LP by Yard Press (2017), this CD edition contains a bonus 14-minute track 'The Living Things', recorded in Switzerland in 2018.
Digipak with new artwork by Stephen Lawrie.

"Close your eyes for added effect and hit repeat - by the end of round 3 you'll be hitting the peyote sands of shamanic trance territory" (Louder Than War).

1 Become The Sun 4:07
2 The Speaking Stones 4:33
3 The Desert In Your Heart 4:01
4 Everything Must Be 8:16
5 Silent Water 4:24
6 Dead Inside 6:03
7 The Living Things (Session) 13:47

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