In the Shade of Time


2xCD Digifile (DM 002) - DAGAZ

Subtle combination of dark pop and folk counts with many brilliant moments.
Their mastery of chord sound and the occasional melancholic use of a synthesizer in a very atmospheric manner give a special feel to each of their songs.
The musical world where they come from is obvious: dark folk.
Yet they rather move into a dark pop territory than offer an incursion into dark ambient. In that manner they can be considered more of Ostara followers than a minimal & experimental early Death in June neo folk's.
Why they remain dark is defined by a very barren vocal work that recites with a glimpse of melody words of nostalgia and longing.

This debut album includes ten songs and was originally released, curiously, to coincide with the date of 6/6/6.

As a bonus they include also, under the name of 'The Spring of Resentment', an extra record including earlier recordings.
The first thing that can be highlighted of this second record is a much larger use of percussion and atmospheres.
It gives the songs a sense of urgency and the sound of fear from threat.
The dominance they display of their guitars is there, but fed by many other instruments, sounds and bases. It gives their songs a much more crude, raw and instinctive feel.
The first record for Sub Luna offers more than a fistful of good reasons to listen to it. As they say, we are all 'on paths of constant change'. We'll be awaiting what the future might bring...
Flavoring a glass of 'reserva'

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