Subterranean Rites



Limited Edition 250 copies

The result of over three years of location recordings in sewers, subterranean facilities, and abandoned industrial complexes, Gnawed’s latest full length is without question his most focused, and the definitive, benchmark recording of his illustrious discography.
Even within Gnawed’s heaviest power electronics material, there was always a strong atmospheric undercurrent, and Grants work in his other project Atrox Pestis, showed a growing interest in more minimal dark ambience, but nothing will prepare you for lightless chasms and seraphic horror of Subterranean Rites; 6 tracks of fetid, catacomb exhalations and slowly unfurling soundscapes possessed with just enough distant industrial clangor and heavily processed vocals to remind you it’s still a Gnawed record at its core.
Truly a masterwork.

1 Vivisepultre (In Rubble and Spoil)
2 The Rafts (Vial Tincture)
3 Subfuerat
4 By Ropes Abseil
5 Subterranean Rites
6 Through Sunken Stone

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