Destiny Done



After a strictly limited debut album on Sonderuebertragung Sunday Strain is back with new energy and ideas.
Formed in 2005 as a side project of Llovespell it is now a full-grown band still experimenting but this time also using bass and drums instruments accompanied by clear and strong vocals of Dorain W.
"Destiny.Done" brings over 45 minutes of sophisticated electronic music with admixture of pop elements and dark atmosphere.
Mastered by Andreas Wahnmann (First Law) comes in an elegant 6 panel digipack designed by Hans Johm (Antlers Mulm).

Tracklist :
1 Temporary Files 5:30
2 Waiting For You 4:36
3 Saviour Machine 5:53
4 Time Is With Me 4:47
5 Destiny.Done 5:26
6 Dandelion 5:06
7 Cyan 3:17
8 White World 5:20
9 Autumn Waves 8:41

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