South European Folk Compendium


CD Jewel Box (Ahnstern 37) - AHNSTERN / STEINKLANG

This thriple-split CD is a unique compendium of South European folk music, inspired by Balkan, Catalan and Hellenic traditional culture.
The sources and the stylistic devices of the three artists are quite different and descending from three different cultural regions, but there is just one intention and one deep mythological spirit, that unites the musicians to build up an axis through the mediterranean sunlit landscapes.
On this album you will drown into the ritual, Alpine-Folk shamanism of Árnica, using a wide range of traditional instruments and the spirit of Catalunya - Svarrogh drags you to the deep and dark forests of Bulgaria by slavic chants, where you will meet the god Veles in his wooden shrine – and you will waft through a droning and apocalyptic haze to the powerful and emotional hellenic spheres of Défilé des Ames from Greece. -

1 Défilé Des Âmes The Banner Of Vanity (15:07)
2 Svarrogh The Wheel Of Dazhbog (7:35)
3 Àrnica Lligueu Les Bésties (5:38)
4 Àrnica Marxa Dels Camperols (2:44)
5 Svarrogh Life Water Krynitsa (5:57)
6 Àrnica Dona Que Plora (4:33)
7 Àrnica Falc En Alt (3:43)
8 Svarrogh Yarilo's Return (5:50)
9 Défilé Des Âmes Ordo Ab Chao (5:08)
10 Àrnica Darrer Alé (4:05)

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