T.A.C. [Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata]


Re-print of TAC debut album which came first out in 1983 on Azteco Records followng their first tape release.
Cut-up's, tape samples, synthesizers, broken and discordant structures, caught between a sort of dark post-punk and a psychopathic avant-rock.
Surreal post-modern texts with fragmented meanings.
A Brain-Guerrilla, a Neuro-Linguistic sperimentation.
A process of vivisection, of conceptual deconstruction of reality and harmonic language, which is aimed at producing new meanings.
TAC is definitely difficult to be catalogued and requires a repeated listening to be appreciated in its many levels of meaning and interpretation.
For sure this is one of the more seminal groups in the Italian 80'es post-Industrial era.

This reprint is coming with 5 aditional unreleased tracks (five last tracks on the album)which was not on the first vinyl edition.

Tracklist :
01 Un Umido Motivo
02 I Sette Piani Dell' Esperienza
03 Cerco Lavoro
04 Microprocessore
05 Citocromo
06 Onde Corte
07 Autistico
08 Percussioni
09 Introdotta La Scrofa Nel Mattatoio
10 Quasi Pieno
11 El Motel Electrico
12 49° Parallelo
13 Collezione Autunno-Inverno
14 Moduli E Sottomoduli
15 Percussioni (Alternate)
16 Contatto
17 Inverno A Stettino

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