Tacoma Narrows Bridge / Someday Anywhere Images


CD Jewel Box (ALIENCD8) - ALIEN 8

Split release between Canada and Japan.
The first half of the disc is provided by electronic composer David Kristian, while the second half features Shohei Iwasaki (MONDE BRUITS) and Akifumi Nakajima (AUBE) collaborating as SIAN.
David Kristian turns in five tracks, quite possibly his finest work yet.
The sound displayed here is very dense ambient compositions.
Sian make their debut on the compact disc format with their epic Someday Anywhere.
These works mesh perfectly together.
Imagine traveling to the deepest darkest depths of the sea only to realize that your actually orbiting the moon.

§ Tacoma Narrows Bridge     36:50
1 David Kristian - Things Which Occur On A Microscopic Scale     6:02
2 David Kristian - Sleepwood     5:55
3 David Kristian - Counterfeint     8:15
4 David Kristian - Bathurst     10:41
5 David Kristian - Murma-Ping     6:04
§ Someday Anywhere
6 Sian - Someday Anywhere  30:02

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