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CD Jewel Box (SME1036/CD) - SILENTES

A sensational CD release of an awesome tape (originally published by MULTIPLE CONFIGURATION) that includes live tracks recorded between 1983/1984 and comes in a completely remastered edition.
Tasaday are a "cult" band active since the early Eighties.
Born from the merging of Die Form and Nulla Iperreale, they are probably the most eclectic and groundbreaking representative of an Italian experimental scene that used to blend elements of rock, noise, experimental and industrial music with great courage and originality.
An audio document of exceptional value, this longly waited reprint of live material is also the most direct and remarkable evidence of the work of this unforgettable - and still alive and kicking- band.

1 Material Introduction
2 Dopo Heidegger
3 Vehementem Imaginationen
4 l'Unica Possibilità E' Il Silenzio
6 Il Male
7 Desmalusogenia Del Carbonio
8 Mogadiscio
9 In Good Condition
10 Niente Di Umano
11 Berlin
12 No Kill
13 Tasaday & Laxative Souls - The Roads Of Delhi
14 Sempre Il Sole Sulla Fabbrica Del Divertimento
15 Fine Della Produzione

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