Tierra Embrujada

O PARADIS [Ô Paradis]


Limited Edition 300 copies


  • El Pozo
  • Només el Cos pot ser Empresonat
  • El Deseo
  • País

After some years O PARADIS comes back with a new release on OEC, a co-production with the Singapore label 4iB.

Demian's music is flowing, as always, through is romantic & sexy scent of Mediterranan Hot Pop, full of wishes, love and nostalgia...
Another unique album by our "Catalunya" singer.

And the album is becoming even more unique due to the guest presence of JÜRGEN WEBER / NOVÝ SVĚT.
After a long silence Jürgen was composing one track of that album and sings in 2 other songs...

1. L'Africaine
2. El Pozo
3. El Impostor
4. Augurio
5. Només el Cos pot ser Empresonat
6. Terminal
7. Si te Pierdes
8. El Deseo
9. País
10. La Tormenta
11. Ínfimo
12. Una Polla Xica
13. És la Ment també una Cel-la?

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