The Birth Caul



Wharehouse founds / Rare old album

"This was the 2nd Moore/Perkins/Jay CD, culminating in a performance at at the old County court room in Newcastle.
The Birth Caul was subtitled, A Shamanism of Childhood and was all about the magic and wonder of being small again..aah.
A big meeting was held between the 3 of us at Al's house, and much of the conceptual working of the Album was spawned and developed during this. e.g. When Alan mentions the three names of the childhood sweethearts (Vivian West, Angela Bass, and Janet Bentley) this is a factual reference to real people we all respectively had a crush on at school.
(They haven't sued us yet!)
The weird underwater sounding noise that joins the longer passages together, is Dave performing an "upturned electric bicycle" (I played this during the live show to accompany Alan's reading, and this time is was Dave who was absent from proceedings.)
The album is different to the M&S in that there are no conventional song structures to be found, and it plays more like a talking book that eventually goes backwards...into the womb.
The Birth Caul music was recorded in the studio, with Alan's voice recorded live at the gig in Newcastle, (so the album is sort of half and half.)"
*** Tim Perkins for bauhausgigguide

Rare album released on CHARRM in 1995.
Experimental, Electronic, Spoken Word.

1 The Birth Caul (i)
2 The Present Moment (18.11.95)
3 The Birth Caul (ii)
4 The World's Blunt Engine
5 The Birth Caul (iii)
6 Drowning In Gold
7 The Birth Caul (iv)
8 The Dressing Of The Tongue
9 The Birth Caul (v)
10 Dummy
11 The Birth Caul

This is rare!
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