The Blue Room



Album dated 1998 - Vinyl in perfect conditions / cover has 2 minimal small crushes on corners.
"Used item" from OEC personal collection!

Edward creates fairly minimal but impressive electronic (keyboards/samples/programmed percussion) backgrounds/atmospheres for his excellent poetic lyrics and unique vocal delivery.
Musically these songs are varied, some are quiet and subdued, some are rather abrasive and clanky, two songs are entirely instrumental, both are nice examples of Edward's ability to assemble pulsating electronic sounds.

Limited edition of 1000 copies.
Side D track is exclusive to this vinyl edition.
Includes insert with color artwork on one side and b&w lyrics on the other.

A1  Scarlett Cross †
A2  Supper At J's
A3  A Roman Candle
A4  Design Fault
B1  Hotel Y
B2  Cause And Fx
B3  Mosquito Munch Fandango
C1  Gemini
C2  Shall We Share Water, Brother?
C3  The Blue Room
D1  They Came, They Saw, They Scarpered (Part 1-3)

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