The Delivery

TAGC [The Anti Group]


We got few copies of this very rare TAGC album released back in 1994.
One final copy on stock!

First Anti Group release featuring The Soundtrack for TAGC The Delivery 16mm dual screen film project, plus  early versions of some tracks which came out later on other albums.

Recorded live at the Atonal Festival located in Ballhaus Tiergarten, Berlin, on the 18th February 1985, on a 24 track mobile, supplied by Ulli Weigels Sinus Musik.
Remixed England August 1985 by TAG.

1  The Delivery     23:04
2  Morpheus' Baby     4:09
3  Zulu     9:41
4  Ocean     6:29
5  Love Flowers In The Desert     2:32

This is rare!
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